Integrating with AWS

We recommend connecting Akeero to your AWS accounts. This will allow you to see your currently deployed AWS resources in Akeero and use existing resources in new projects.

Setting up the integration

We've made it as easy as possible for your to connect your account.

  1. First go to your 'Workspace Settings' > 'Integrations' > 'AWS'
  2. Next, click 'New Connection' and then 'create CloudFormation stack' under Role ARN. This will open the CloudFormation resource in the AWS console with the stack information prepopulated. This stack is creating a read-only role that allows Akeero to read the resources in your account.
  3. Click the checkbox to acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation will create resources and then click 'Create stack'. This will create the role above.
  4. Once CloudFormation has finished provisioning the role click on 'Outputs' and copy the value of the 'AkeeroRoleARN'.
  5. Go back to Akeero and paste the role ARN into the 'Role ARN' field in Akeero. You can then give the environment a name. Click save and the integration is complete.

All existing and future supported resources will now appear on the 'Resources' page in Akeero.